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We Specialise in Creating High Quality Leads at A Fixed Cost For The High-End Financial Planning Leads & Property Investment Leads Sectors In Australia.

We decided to specialise in only working with Elite Performers in creating Property Investment Leads and Financial Planning Leads. We help you with the specialist property investment leads and financial planning leads skills, appointment setting skills, and conversion strategies. We procure qualified leads that convert and are exclusive to you, on a white label basis, with a guaranteed fixed cost per lead and calling service.

Our Point of Difference.

We generate live, exclusive, premium leads that are waiting for a call from your company under the following lead types:

> Investment Property Leads
> Financial Planning Leads

We utilise Facebook, Instagram, Social & Online Lead Generation Channels to procure the right people, at the right time, with the right offers.

* We have 16 Years of Experience converting leads to appointments.

* We know what you need and we know what your prospects want.

* Our focus is creating revenue for your business. Generating actual revenue for you and with you is our End-Game.

* We create investment property leads and financial planning leads that convert into business at a very high rate because we live inside your prospect's heads.

* We choose who we work with as it's essential to success. Not every advisor has what it takes to succeed. We are very focussed and we only want to work with the best.

* We charge on a per lead basis and provide full support with appointment and conversion strategy. When you invest with Appointment Setter, you'll know exactly how many leads with follow.

The Appointment Setter Advantage.

* We specialise in only helping financial planning businesses and property investment businesses generate and convert premium leads to high converting appointments.

If You are an Elite Performer within the Financial Planning or Property Investment sector you have come to a power injected resource designed specifically for you.

You see, after years, and years of running lead generation and appointment setting campaigns in every business sector, we got savvy...

Now we are phenomenal at what we do...

We simply kept running leads for the best of the best only in the specific niches that we ear-marked for greatness, and we dumped the rest.

It might sound harsh, but we are the best of the best at what we do - and that's just how we roll...